7 Accessories Every Car Owner Needs

  • Jun 27, 2024

It’s just a fact of life: everyone loves cool car accessories. Neat stuff to make life commuting on the road a little bit safer and more convenient. Whether your client is a car dealer, car detailer, sells auto insurance, or just a fan of cars – these promotional products are handy to have, and just plain cool products to give away.


1.       Trunk Organizer

black container with white piping and groceries inside

There is nothing more alarming than hearing your watermelon smack against the back of your trunk when you’re driving home from the grocery store! This organizer is perfect for keeping groceries and other items from rolling around in the trunk. It's made from recyclable polypropylene, features handles to make it easy to carry, and extra pockets to store all your car necessities.


2.       Road Rescue Car Kit

orange triangle bag with black piping and emergency gear in front

A necessity for every car, this Road Rescue Kit has everything your customer needs to feel safe on the road. It comes equipped with a 10-foot emergency tow rope, 10-gauge jumper cables, reflective safety vest, work gloves, pocket raincoat, siphon pump, tire gauge, first aid kit, two screwdrivers, a headlamp, electrical tape, all packaged in a handy safety sign shaped bag.


3.       Roadside Companion Kit

small black case with note pad, flashlight, air presure gage

An excellent option for car dealerships, this Roadside Companion Kit is a great way to keep new car owners’ important paperwork organized, all in one easy-to-reach spot in their glove box! Made from synthetic leather and polyester, this kit includes multiple pockets for storage, a pen, flashlight, tire pressure gauge, and a 3x5 pad of paper.


4.       Ice Scraper Mitt

blue glove with "baka" on the front and a clear ice scraper

Okay, nothing is worse than scraping frost or ice off your car unexpectedly in the morning, and you’re not sure if your fingers will unfreeze by lunch. Solve that problem with this ice scraper mitt! Water resistance and fleece-lined, this 4.5-inch blade is sure to keep hands toasty warm.


5.       Dip Trip

hand dipping a chicken nugget into sauce with a clap attached to a car vent

Ever wish there was a more convenient way to access ketchup and other dips in the car? Well, now there is! The Dip Trip is an on-the-go sauce holder that simply clips right to the vehicle’s air vent to make dunking nuggets and fries while grabbing some quiet time in the office parking lot even easier.



6.       Safety Tool

red plastic hammer with yellow font called "bison"

Equipped with a seatbelt cutter and a side window hammer, this little safety tool is necessary for every car. It’s small enough to store in the glove compartment or center console and yet can provide life-saving help for anyone stuck in a dangerous situation.


7.       Absorbent Car Coaster

round coaster with truck and "fresh fruits delivery" on the front

These little car coasters are super handy and sized to fit perfectly in most cars! Made from absorbent ceramic, they’ll keep liquid from pooling at the bottom of the cup holder from condensation. They’re mildew-proof, and they’re easy to clean with just a quick rinse in the kitchen sink.



Did you see anything you liked? Or maybe something sparked some inspiration for your own car-themed promotional product? Give us a call today to help your vision come true.

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