Our company averages approximately 7,000 printed shirts per day, with a capacity of producing 15,000 shirts in an 8-hour period. SPI currently runs one single shift, but additional shifts are added to meet customer demands at various times of the year.

SPI employs three full-time graphic artists, which provide a broad range of creative, visual insights. Our in-house screen printing department and custom ink matching department, assure clients that careful detail is given to the quality of the end product. Drop shipping and delivery services are also provided by our company. If it is the fulfillment you are looking for, SPI will design, print, embroider, warehouse, and drop ship your products directly to your customer.

This turnkey service provides a seamless operation for customers that are sales and marketing oriented. As a convenience and quality control mechanism for our customers, press checks are provided to insure a first run, acceptable product.

In the business of silk screen printing, staying on the edge of technology is crucial. SPI has been able to do this through the years by never sitting back and accepting last year’s ways, as the “only” way. We have consistently changed and modified our techniques to continually better ourselves, our quality and our efficiency. This business is very competitive.

Those that do not have a good understanding of production capabilities, associated cost, and a quality mindset get left behind. Every year we have seen some of our competitors shut their doors due to a lack of understanding these factors.